Please note that I stopped providing configuration-updates since BWP 11.4.

This is a simple "mirror"-page for users that have problems with the Kerzenburg-site.
It should just give you access to the BiG World Setup (in short BWS).

Functions: The BWS can be use to get the files for the BiG World Installpack or install itself.
It is able to select, download, extract and install the mods components you like that are available for the BiG World Project. You can either use pre-definied selections or completely customize your installation without the need to edit further files and much more…
If you want to customize your selection component-wise, make sure you use the BWS-installation-method.
Please note that the installpack will not use mods that are not part of its selection. You'll need to edit the batch-file if you want to do that.


Visit the archive for a complete list of all submitted/available versions.