The BiG World Project aims to create a big/the biggest RPG-world possible by combining Baldur's Gate 1+2 and a lot of mods.
With the BiG World Setup (BWS), you are able to easily select, download, extract and install the mods and components you like to be in this BiG World.

You can either use pre-definied selections suitable for players new to the game or modding, or completely customize your installation. In the best case, you leave your PC for some hours right after the selection and the installation-summary has shown up on your desktop.


This mod requires that Baldur's Gate 2 and its Throne of Bhaal expansion as well as the latest official patch (version 26498) are installed on your system.
If you are planning to install BGT to play BG1-content with the BG2-engine, you will also need Baldur's Gate, its Tales of the Sword Coast expansion and the latest official patch (version 5512).
You also need some free disk-space.
Small BG2-mods may require only under 100 MB.
A minimal BGT-installation requires 10 GB (games itself + downloads + extracted + installed files), the standard-version 20 and tactics/expert about 24 GB.


To start the installation procedure simply point the installer to your Baldur's Gate 2 folder or any other folder that seems suitable to you. Game and download-folders may be specified during runtime.

Contact and help

Visit the Spellhold Studios (English Forum) or the Baldur's Gate Forum (German Forum). You are able to post at SHS with a guest-account.


To remove the BWS from your system, simply delete the folder that contains the BWS. There are no additional files outside of the folder nor entries in your registry.


GPL V2, summarized here.


7-Zip for extraction and wget for downloads.

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Additional used tools during creation:

Scite4AutoIt3, PDFtoText, The Gimp